Microflo Online Courses (Click links below to view)

Crystal Reports 11 for Track-It! [Download pdf]

Crystal Reports Basic [Download pdf]

Crystal Reports Advanced [Download pdf]

Using and Understanding Integration Engine and Web Services [Download pdf]

SQL for SDE - Introduction [Download pdf]

SQL for SDE - Advanced [Download pdf]

Introduction to SQL Reporting for SDE [Download pdf]

Advanced SQL Reporting for SDE> [Download pdf]

Microflo Build Your Own Course (Click links below to view)

SDE User training options [Download pdf]

SDE Administrator training options [Download pdf]

Crystal training options [Download pdf]

Cancellation Policy

Microflo requires cancellation 10 days or more prior to the start of the class for a full refund.  Cancellation 5 - 9 days before class will be refunded 75% of the cost of the course or you may reschedule for a future class.  Cancellations 1 - 4 days before the class will be refunded 50% of the course fee or you may reschedule for any future class.  Cancellations on the day of class are not entitled to a refund, but you may reschedule for a future class on the schedule.  Microflo may allow a full refund at any point in time before the class, depending upon the reason for the cancellation, and allowing a refund for an individual does not change Microflo's refund policy in the future for that individual or others.



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