If you are interested in any Microflo service, or if you are currently experiencing an issue and would like to give us a try, please email services@microflo.com or call 850.995.7490. "How-to" support is free for all first time callers!


Microflo custom training services are designed to fit your specific needs. Microflo can provide online training using WebEx Training and virtual servers for each student with a virtual machine loaded with Service Desk Express (SDE) or Track-It!, as appropriate, or onsite at your location using your test database.

For custom onsite training, simply choose modules where training is desired and Microflo will customize a lesson plan to fit your selection(s). Training can be performed using existing documentation (user and administration guides) or Microflo can customize course materials to fit your specific requirements.


Microflo provides highly trained, professional consultants who will help you maximize your Service Desk Express or Track-It! investment. Microflo consulting services offers a wide range of services from customizations of modules, business rules, crystal reports, and SDE Integration Engine Packages to upgrades and other services to maximize your investment.

Microflo will scope a project to include whatever is required to meet your requirements. We bring a unique ability to leverage our many years of business experience and expert product specific knowledge to think "outside-the-box" to accomplish your goals. We specialize in all versions of Service Desk Express, Track-It! 10+, and Crystal Reports.

In addition to our expertise, we offer unparalleled customer service!

All In One

Microflo all in one service for SDE includes training, consulting and support all for one fixed cost. Microflo all in one service contracts can be designed to cover quarterly, semi-annual and annual time frames. This option is ideal for organizations that plan on deploying SDE features where all these services, (training, consulting and troubleshooting), are needed during deployment.  Many of our customers choose this service year over year because of its flexibility to fit into their schedules, and because it eliminates the need for multiple scopes of work and purchase orders.  They can simply call and ask a question, schedule a training, or request a consulting, it's all included.

Under the terms of an all in one service contract, Microflo will maintain a copy of your database so that when assistance is needed we can immediately see all your customizations, business rules, integration engine packages and crystal reports. Microflo does not consider "how to" questions in regards to a business rule, integration engine package, or a crystal report a "non support request".

Microflo will provide troubleshooting in the event you experience a problem, however, the all in one service is designed to minimize the need for troubleshooting. Microflo will test upgrades and patches for you so that you can avoid problems or undesirable side effects. Microflo doesn't want you to experience a problem, it is not in our best interest or yours. Microflo wants you to call us with "how to" questions before you attempt something that may be known to cause a problem. Microflo will provide remote assistance as needed, and help you avoid waste of time issues like, "I just installed the latest patch and my business rules stopped working".

One of the benefits of being a small company is that we can provide more services at a very reasonable price.  Because our support is uniquely pro-active rather than re-active, we have been able to support a wide range of customers that include government agencies, municipalities, hospitals and universities.

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