Technical Services: Microflo provides the professional services you need to achieve your Service Center's goals.

  • Implementation of your Service Desk Software requires expertise in the planning, set up, and training of IT support centers. At Microflo, we are the experts!  We analyze your specific needs, listen carefully to your requirements, and then architect your service desk software to meet those needs. We know all of the traps with the various versions and have the solutions to avoid those traps.

  • Maximize the use of your current service desk software through database customizations, that increase system functionality and reporting capabilities so that your standard system becomes a custom application that meets your specific business needs. 

  • Improve the functioning of your service desk system through a System Health Check to technically review your system and provide recommendations of appropriate actions that will improve functionality and performance.

  • Allow you to make use of the integration engine through customized vbscript and automated data manipulation to import and export data to and from your service desk system. 

  • Provide you with customized system functionality by modifying and expanding your current system, and giving you the capability of integrating with other systems through customized programming and integration engine packages.

  • Support for our customizations is always provided free of charge.

Crystal Reporting Services:  

Microflo staff are experts in Crystal Reports version 4.5 through 10!

To truly maximize your software investment and manage your staff you must be able to generate the reports that provide you with information specific to your organization and management's requirements.  

The data you collect is valueless if you cannot retrieve that data and present it to management in a way that is meaningful!

Microflo is extremely proficient at writing reports that others claim are not possible with SDE™.

Microflo wrote the 21 New Management Category reports that shipped with Magic 8.0 and wrote several reports for the release of SDE 9.0!

  • Maximize your database and reporting investment by conducting a comprehensive Business Reporting Needs Analysis. This analysis provides a comprehensive view of your reporting needs along with custom specifications for new reports to be created.  The reports can then be written by your staff or ours.

  • Customized Reports to provide you with advanced reports tailored to your business needs.    

  • Enhance existing reports by customizing them with new headings, logos, summaries or designs. 

  • Improve the report writing skills of your staff through Custom Crystal Reports Training from beginner to expert levels.  We train in your environment against your database so that your staff reap immediate benefits.  They leave class with information they can really use!

  • Allow us to customize your database to make report writing easier!  Examples are calculations performed in the database so that your staff doesn't have to write complicated formulae in reports.

ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS: We can assist you in selecting, planning, and implementing a service center solution or modify your existing implementation to more effectively meet your needs.

  • Architect a new Service Center reflective of your company’ goals. Creating a new Service Center is a complex endeavor full of pitfalls.  Let us help you by performing a Custom Needs Analysis to define your center's requirements.  We will then assist you in reviewing software to see if it meets those needs.  Once you have chosen the software, we can oversee the implementation of your software so that you can be assured that all of your needs are met.

  • Re-engineer your current Service Center to more effectively meet the needs of your business. Have us perform a Business Analysis to see how your current center measures up.  We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current organization - from a hardware, software, staff, and reporting viewpoint.  In the event that there is room for improvement, the analysis will recommend specific steps along with an Action Plan to improve your center.

  • Improve the reputation of your center by enhancing the Customer Service Skills of your staff.  We offer your staff custom soft skills training to improve their skills in dealing with customers - the result is a happier staff and happier customers.

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